A man’s life

There comes a point in a man’s life when, after all that has been said and done, he wants the freedom to think like a man and nothing more. To think like a man is to feel like a man. No questions to be remain unanswered, and happiness needs to be just a phone call away.

However, problems arise when neither questions get answered, nor happiness comes. Why we don’t get an answer to a question is an ideology that is simply beyond me, and most men. What must be realized is that getting answers to a question is what men live for. It is the reason we as a people have progressed to such an extent in the past and will continue to in the future. Maybe if the world slows down one fine day we will find the time to contemplate. The responsibilities that have been ingrained into our heads are taken away for just one moment. That way when expectations are zero we might just find an answer on our own.

But that slow-down is a commodity we simply cannot afford..and this is what leads to unhappiness…

We are constantly expected to candidly just let go of what is keeping us unhappy and move on. Why this is so, is something man alone can’t possibly figure out. We need guidance too, because deep inside we know we are just human. We make mistakes, we hurt too, and we bleed.

But no. We are men. We don’t cry, we don’t bleed, we cannot make mistakes and we most definitely cannot get sad. It’s unfair. But we live in a world which expects us to act out all of those things in life which will apparently ‘get us somewhere’ in our careers and lives and make us ‘better people’ because according to everyone, we can be better people.

Let it be known that this is all a part of being human and it is obvious no one is aware of that. Fact is: we ARE good enough for you. We DO work hard and we most definitely deserve much, MUCH better than you. Listen to us like we listen to you. Help us like we help you. Apologize to us like we apologize to you. Forgive us for our mistakes like we forgive you for yours. Cater to our needs like we cater to yours. And what we did for you in the past, IS important. No need to stupidly forget about it during every argument or problem. Our past is what made us what we are today so live with it, since our surroundings are the reason we have changed into what we are today. Either way, since YOU were a part of us in the past, you’re probably the reason we have become what we are today. So don’t blame only us..blame yourself too. Society, just let things go once in a while and take care of us. Because you damn well know we do a much better job of it than you do.


Start of something new?

This is my first entry here so I figured I could make it about myself just this once. This blog will consist of random rants and ravings of a 26 year old

living in the city of Karachi. There will be personal opinions, unfeathered by biases and hatred but just saying it like it is. So many topics come to mind at the moment but as time goes on the number of entries about the daily/weekly happenings around the city and the world will increase. Stay tuned, because as the title of this entry states, it might be the start of something new?